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UFO Sighting New Jersey Awakened Travell

The Most Credible UFO Sightings and Encounters in Modern History, According to Research

The modern era of UFO sightings began in 1947 when Kenneth Arnold, a businessman and pilot from Idaho, spotted what he believed was a formation of flying saucers near Mount 

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UFO Sightings And NEWS

UFOs have fascinated and puzzled people for decades, yet hard evidence seems ever elusive. Many people are convinced that not only are extraterrestrials visiting Earth, but that 

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States with the most UFO sightings: Vermont leads the way

UFOs, or unidentified flying objects, have stirred our imagination for generations.

Sightings of these alleged interstellar visitors to Earth have been chronicled throughout history


Looking For Alien DNA

Zecharia Sitchin says he's willing to stake everything he's written about alien astronauts on DNA tests that could be performed on the 4,500-year-old remains