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Sat, May 22


The Lighthouse

Astral Travel & Remote Viewing - Level 2

2 Days Workshop With Alexandra McKenzie

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Astral Travel & Remote Viewing  - Level 2
Astral Travel & Remote Viewing  - Level 2

Time & Location

May 22, 2021, 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM

The Lighthouse


About the Event

“You are more than your physical body,” Robert Monroe.

Do you want to know more? Do you want to understand your true self? Your energies, your energy bodies, or your soul? What is beyond our reality? Do you want to explore? Do you want to learn to create? Who am I, really?

Teach yourself to astral travel in this unique workshop.

You have abilities beyond the physical; learn more and benefit from these skills.

Become aware of phenomena of astral travel, astral projection, out-of-body experience, remote viewing, and your natural extrasensory perceptions. Understand and explore different dimensions.

Learn about your abilities in a safe environment with a professional hypnotherapist, meditation teacher, astral traveler, and remote viewer Alexandra McKenzie BSc., MA.

Through visualization and connecting with your loving heart, you will become familiar with your subtle, non-physical body & energies, and you will comfortably explore your own abilities.

You will practice intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance, and “sensing with mind.”

Benefits of astral travel & remote viewing;

- Understanding dimensions in the universe;

- Transcending time and space;

- Finding the truth;

- Finding purpose in life;

- Manifestation;

- Accessing past lives;

- Meeting spirit guides and angels;

- Reconnecting with deceased loved ones;

- Communicating with animals;

- Resolving life conflicts;

- Healing self and others;

- Observing past and future events;

- Exploring fears and limitations;

- Healing one’s shadows

- Connecting with other beings, and;

- Much, much more.

Please note, the workshop also discusses phenomena as Near Death Experience, Out of Body Experience, Teleportation, Parallel Universes, Ascension, Time and Dimensional Travel, Extra-terrestrial Beings, UFO phenomena & much more...

Astral Travel workshop, Level 1 & Level 2 Remote Viewing will teach you through meditative experiences and essential theory.

Prerequisites: basic meditation experiences, visualization abilities, interest in these phenomena, and an open mind.

Booking is required via Awakened Travellers.

Alexandra’s local number 052 441 9550

Spaces are limited, therefore be responsible and considerate of others, please.


Astral Travel Level 1 – 700 AED

Astral Travel – Remote Viewing Level 2 – 500 AED

* The two-day workshop includes:

- study books,

- meditation recordings,

- tips and practices for further home study,

- two tea/coffee breaks and light refreshments and

- the Certificate of completion with Inner Self Consultancy.

DAY 1 info;

The day is packed with information and practices for students to learn and experience as much as possible in a short time. Day 2 is additional to learn the application of Astral Travel techniques into practical means of life. (Please note that this is an intensive workshop; therefore, only light food is recommended.)

Classroom learning:

- principles of Astral plane and Astral body

- Astral principles in modern science

- learning about dimensions and densities

- Steps of Astral Travel

- how to travel through dimensions

- learning about mind and consciousness

Meditation practices:

- Seeing through dimensions

- Looking into astral

- Seeing aura

- Learning perception of our consciousness

- Meditative practices into Astral Travel

- Out of Body (OBE) practices

Please note that all practices are individual experiences. They require training, a meditation routine, and further exploration. This two-day workshop provides you with a comprehensive basis to do so.

DAY 2 info;

DAY 2 is the practical application of Astral Travel or Out of Body experiences into one’s life, and it deepens your experiences into Astral Realms.

We will focus on practicing intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance, and “sensing with mind.”

Remote viewing is the practice of seeking an impression about a distant or unseen object/person/pet/situation.

Remote Viewing practice deepens our extrasensory abilities ESP. We become connected to our psychic abilities, our intuition, and the whole universe. We will learn how to perceive places, people, or actions that are outside of our range of senses.

Classroom learning:

- History of Remote Viewing

- History of hidden science and human abilities

- Aspects of control and freedom throughout important scientific discoveries

- Paranormal research

- The Monroe Institute and Remote Viewing

- Steven Greer’s Remote Viewing method

- Consciousness in modern science

- Altered states of consciousness (brain waves, Lucid dreaming, shamanism, hypnosis, etc.)

Meditative practices:

- Remote viewing/ sensing objects

- Merkaba meditation

- Enhancing Extrasensory Perception ESP

- Activation of psychic abilities

- Finding your own personal method.

Short BIO Alexandra McKenzie BSc., MA.

Alexandra is a certified clinical and spiritual hypnotherapist and trainer, Past Life Regression therapist, Quantum Healing hypnotherapist, Theta Healing Instructor, NLP Master, coach, meditation teacher, CSETI ambassador, and Ham-Sa Yogini.

Alexandra is a professional in her field, and she has been awarded a master’s degree in Consciousness and Transformative Studies.


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