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Enjoy The Ride

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

My awakening was triggered off by grief. I would call it more a spiritual crisis because my whole life came crumbling down.

I had the same symptoms most people talked about from hypersensitivity to feeling I no longer fitted in to the life I used to have. 

I questioned all my programming, beliefs, even the media. And being a Journalist that was a tough one. 

I could easily see through the lies that were being shared across radio stations, TV sets, and the internet. 

That's when I had to go within and block all the outside noise and question who am I. And what is my purpose. 

This as for most people leads you to search for answers. To the point where you will quickly head down a rabbit hole and people will start calling you crazy.

My advice is to ground yourself. This is so important. Be around nature as much as you can. Mediate. Be silent. Don't watch TV. 

An awakening is here to strip you of what you thought you were so you can become who you really are.

And once you accept this, the journey will begin. It will bring along the experiences and the people that are needed for your next evolution in to a higher level of consciousness. 

Enjoy the ride. It's a bumpy one. 

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