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The ilusion!

From time to time we publish it again, and/or we say it in another way, everything is an illusion, everything is energy, manifest thought, and if the world is as it is, it is because we pay attention to it, either for what we understand as good or bad, beyond the fact that this is only part of the idea of ​​duality or separation that is so firmly wanted to be supported.

When a certain number of people in the world understand this deeply, everything will change since the dominant frequency, the prevailing thought will be that of Unity and Love, because only that exists and therefore the other is unreal, illusion.


1- Observe your creation at all times, take possession of it and accept it; If you don't like it, change it yourself, don't wait for anyone else but you.

2- Eliminate the idea of ​​a salvation or a savior other than yourself.

3- Observe your words, each one of them and, above all, listen to yourself when you say I, try to change it to WE until you can pronounce it without the separative load that it entails.

4- Remember that there is only one thing, one Being, one thought, GOD, that everything is united and that is why you can bend the spoon, because it is "you".

5- Send out the most generous, kind, beautiful thoughts when you look at "another person" and you will only be saying beautiful things to yourself, but don't forget to look in the mirror and do the same!!!

6- THE WORD!!…it is Magic, it is potential energy potentiated by your intention, intensity and emotion, there is no neutral word but the one that does not hold an image is the one that can change the World!! For whoever has ears to listen!!

This is not a specific recipe that you should take to the letter, but just a guide to understand an abstract concept, look around it!!! Observe!!

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