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Grand rising everyone!!

We have created the INDIGO SCHOOL FOR GIFTED KIDS that is aligned with our mission and vision to create a better world.

We teach kids and adults how to connect with their intuition using different techniques.

Visión Extra Ocular/Extra Ocular Vision is used when in person and the INDIGO technic created by me to do the sessions online.

We also help parents how to deal with this great generation of small masters and give them the knowledge that is required to understand spirituality and metaphysics so we can rise our kids in an open environment to keep their connection with the divine.

For those starting with vegetarianism or becoming vegan we have an expert that will teach you how to cook the most delicious food to have a balanced diet. Many kids don’t want to eat meat anymore therefore we need to learn how to deal with this.

Here is the link for the adults coaching session.

Here is the link for the online sessions for kids on how to develop their intuition.

In person sessions only in Maldonado or Montevideo, Uruguay.

Remember that all the work we do is for free, but if you want to collaborate you will receive the links to do it.

Watch this video to know more about it or book a 30’ session and I can explain.

Big hug for all of you!!

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