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Thought energy.

Remember that your thoughts are electromagnetic energy that activates the intelligent infinity around you which in turn creates all the events, material and non-material in your life.

When you emit a thought of hate, believe me that you have launched an attack or you have left that thought form floating in the air and that someone can then pick it up, it is a material form, with consistency, with weight, even if you do not see it that way.

On planet Earth, through millennia of suffering, myriads of negative thought forms have been generated that swarm around us, some places more and others less charged. Imagine (but without emotion involved) a boxing ring, where so many angry fans have wished for the fall of one of their boxers, a stadium in South America (to give an example of barbaric behavior) where expletives have been shouted and wish the death of the “adversary”…

Much on this planet has been created to plunge Man into separation, duality, despair, etc…observe!!

Collective thought forms produce collective events, if they inform of a possible crisis to come, then people tune into "that frequency" and begin to emit mental energy that, together with negative feelings, finally builds what was announced.

Here is the importance of meditation, learning to control our thoughts, to quiet the mind so that it throws into the ether only those "energy bricks" that will build what we want and not what we do not want!

That is the importance of walking down the street emitting loving mental energy so that others can pick it up as they pass by.

Look at someone on the street and say “you are loved”, “how good you look today!”, “today is a great day”…

Look for places surrounded by nature, loving groups, pleasant surroundings, to help the world we just have to send thoughts of Love...

Remember, your thoughts create your words and guide you to action, they are solid and palpable energy in other dimensions, with which other beings in those dimensions work, for one purpose or another.

Meditate!! You are the one who creates your reality, guide your thoughts and remember that you are also part of a collective, help it, help yourself.

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