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The future is now.


Did you know that you have the ability to reach deep inside your mind, beyond the five "normal" senses to do extraordinary things you never thought possible?

And one of these amazing abilities is the ability to "see at a distance", or witness with the mind's eye: places, events, objects and people, anywhere, regardless of distance. You can see colors, shapes, objects, and do everything you do with your physical eyes while blindfolded.

Great scientists have wanted to explain how it is possible, they have called it remote viewing or extra-ocular vision, even a funded program within the US Army called "Project Stargate" that remote viewing is a powerful tool that anyone can learn, including you.

Many ordinary people today use remote viewing to successfully predict events, solve crimes, become more successful, and many other functions that enhance their daily lives due to the expansion of consciousness that it produces.

We have created the INDIGO SCHOOL, and it is aligned with the mission of AWAKEN TRAVELERS to create a better world.

We teach children and adults to connect with their intuition and develop their extrasensory abilities using different techniques.

Through our practices we reach the desired result and we work with a network of facilitators located in various countries, in addition to being prepared to hold online sessions.

Children gain confidence, become more attentive and improve their school performance, learn to control their impulses and overcome bullying. They learn to listen to their hearts and use their intuition to improve all aspects of their lives. They develop innate abilities in every human being and this helps their personal development.

We focus on children as their belief system does not limit them in the same way as adults and we believe that if we work with the new generation we will be creating a bright future for humanity.

The ÍNDIGO School aims at MENTAL DEVELOPMENT AND THE OPENING OF CONSCIOUSNESS, activating your potential and, through it, forming better children, more capable, more aware, more responsible, healthier mentally, better students, better children, better people. with capacities higher than usual. This will mean an improvement in different areas in both children and adults, with the exception of the activation percentage of extraocular vision, which is different in children or adults due to possible limiting beliefs.



-Parents who better understand their children and their special abilities.

-Children who, being understood by their parents, have a better quality of life and can develop their full potential.

-Adults and children who, by raising their self-confidence, perform better in the world.

-Children capable of assuming more responsibilities at home, at school and in society in general, will be able to help other children given their increased empathy.

-Given the increase in their abilities and therefore their self-confidence, they will no longer be bullied.

-By expanding your consciousness you will be able to avoid the negative influences of society.



The price of the sessions is 40 euros per hour. After booking you will receive an email with the information you need.

                        HUMANITY WILL BE DIFFERENT!


Message from Master Aurora, delivered by Silvia Aguirre, director of the ÍNDIGO Carmelo School during her initiation as an ÍNDIGO facilitator.

New Age children need New Age adults by their side! And those are you, who were born and educated in the consciousness of the old era.

You who have worked hard to awaken the spirituality within you.

Believe me when I tell you that it is not possible to activate your spirituality either through thought or through any kind of exercise. That does not work.


Your children are very wise teachers, even though their souls are in the bodies of children.

Let your children take you by the hand and you will see life through their eyes. Let them guide you and trust what they tell you. Take them seriously when they talk about the spiritual world, because they know what they are saying.

Create a safe environment for them, in which they feel protected, understood and listened to, since they will have to face many hostilities.


This is what I ask of you, this is my message to you.

Together we will change the world, we are already doing it!


I am Aurora.


To become a facilitator of this technique to help others click here:

The future is now.


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Public or Private workshops 

A workshop can be organized based on the person or group interests.

-Preparation for contact with non terrestrial beings, theory and practice. 

-Understanding the Law of One.

-General consciousness expansion and mental development based on the understanding of the nature of our reality from a metaphysical point of view.

-Spiritual coaching.

-My experiences of contact. 



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