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The purpose of communication is to establish a connection bridge with other beings, realities and dimensions.

It is to open a door to another reality, is to open your eyes, ears and heart to the universe interior and exterior”.  How possible is it for anyone to have such an experience?  

We have already seen that it is these beings that come to Earth, those who select those with whom they wish to contact, simple and sensitive people, but that does not deny the possibility that oneself, through their own efforts to raise awareness, can predispose and create  the conditions.


Psychographic Communication and Telepathy:

We know from our own experience that contact was made through telepathic communication, through the modality of psychography or automatic writing, in a conscious state during meditation.  That this communication was with extraterrestrials, and that it was induced by them, occurring within the framework of a special setting that we can create.

Communication is the means by which this bridge of connection with the universe is established, to open ourselves to the knowledge of a whole plan to help humanity by the Higher Hierarchies of the Galaxy, who see us as their younger brothers, and who  They have provided supervision and support to the transition and maturity process facing humanity.

We are in the so-called Age of Aquarius, characterized by excessive light, that is, if before there was darkness and ignorance, today on the contrary, there is too much information and much of it of doubtful origin (disinformation).  Today, truths are easily confused with semi-truths and even with lies.

The extraterrestrial contact that is verifiable and that provides updated knowledge, comes to fill that gap left by insecurity in the face of the knowledge that is spilled and that most of the time cannot be questioned, because we are alleged to come from  the purest initiatory tradition, or the most profound scientific investigation.  So the denial of the analysis and the subordination to the schemes places us in a situation of clear manipulation.

We must be open to all sources of truth, without discarding any, but with objectivity and a critical spirit, as well as intuition.  Only then can we take them as safe.  But let us remember that in our own interior is the collection of all the information to which humanity has had access, not only in our genetics, but also in our soul, enriched by the multiple experiences of past incarnations.  Therefore the deep truth is not as far as you might think.

In contact, channeling can occur in multiple ways, so telepathic communication can manifest itself as: Psychographic or also called automatic writing, which is when you feel the need to transcribe the messages that you are receiving simultaneously with the reception. Mental that comes to be the direct form in your mind, without the recipient necessarily feeling the desire to write.  And Astral, when the messages arrive in dreams.

It is therefore the visitors of the cosmos who communicate with us and not we with them, that is to say that they are the ones who select and induce contact in one, and then make the greatest effort by going down to a frequency in which we can capture them.

We only need to sensitize ourselves by predisposing ourselves through the comprehensive preparation that has been suggested from the first moment.

In order to tune into the Guides there is then no greater secret, and although anyone could receive the contact (if they have not already had it as inspiration or in dreams), not everyone could maintain  contact, because it requires a constant interior preparation.

Now, any true message requires meeting certain characteristics and requirements.  The first of these is that a good message arrives through a good receiving antenna.

Characteristics of every good contactee:

If we were to describe the requirements that have to be taken into account in everyone who attempts a reception, we would say that these are:


That the person who tries to receive messages must be someone balanced, healthy physically, mentally and spiritually.  A person who is not physically healthy, has the attention scattered throughout his body that is sick, for which he cannot concentrate or even channel. A person who is not mentally healthy finds himself in a state where the origin of the ideas can be distinguished;  and someone depressed or going through a spiritual crisis is vibrating low, prone to connect with lower entities.  If this were the person's situation, the idea is to wait until they are well, and achieve internal and external balance, and not risk making mistakes and making others wrong with their imbalance.



Every good receiving antenna has to be someone disciplined, because discipline strengthens the will, and the will reduces the margins of manipulation and error.  Discipline requires comprehensive preparation, which is physical, mental and spiritual.

Physical preparation consists of learning to breathe, relax, eat properly in the most natural way possible, includes therapeutic fasting and cleansing to hyper-sensitise oneself and to strengthen the will, also leave aside all kinds of stimulants that damage the nervous system and  create dependencies, play sports, go to bed early, and seek contact with nature.

Mental preparation consists of learning to breathe, relax, feed the mind with good readings and selection of images and appropriate audiovisual content that feed the subconscious, do mental fasts not lending itself to psychic contamination, do mental gymnastics with visualizations, concentrations and meditations,  go to bed early and seek contact with nature.

Spiritual preparation also consists of breathing, relaxing, nourishing the spirit with social work, meditations and prayers, trying to overcome fanaticism and religious schemes, and connecting through nature and internalization with the higher planes.

Continuous and constant meditation, in any of its forms, helps to prepare ourselves in all three aspects, and encompasses what is breathing, relaxation and concentration.



The future antenna must be someone objective and analytical, sincere and truthful.  You must develop the most sincere self-criticism in relation to your skills, inner state, current moment and the quality of your possible messages.  You should also be open to accepting criticism from others.



Whoever wishes to channel must have a spirit of service and sacrifice.  This person will permanently remember that the reception of messages does not constitute any hierarchical rank within society, nor within contact groups, but a means of help and service to the greater plan for humanity.



Whoever is preparing for the antenna must work hard with his ego through self-observation, preventing the so-called mentalisms (outcrops of the subconscious) from plaguing his receptions.



The future recipient should try to develop the discernment to know how to choose himself, the best place and time to capture a communication, even when he feels the urgency of it.



The person who tries to receive the messages should humbly accept the message, making it his own, living it and being an example of it. The antenna should include qualities such as honesty, fairness, integrity, responsibility, spirituality, and being positive.

To take into account when analysing messages

What we have to take into account when analysing the messages, be they from aliens, intraterrestrials, Ascended Masters, extraterrestrials, angels, Marian messages, etc.  , is that all of them maintain and have common characteristics, a common denominator since they come from high entities. 

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These characteristics of its veracity and real origin are:


That the message is always coherent and logical.

Being the extraterrestrial Guides or beings of light, evolved entities, they can always explain very complicated things in a simple way, with clear and precise concepts, in a succinct and summarized way, always revealing great truths so that communications do not have to be very  long or very in a row.



The message is not catastrophic, but is always positive and offers alternatives.

Precisely these entities know better than anyone the Universal Laws and Principles, and they know very well that one can "Create what one believes" and that "One specifies what one decrees", for this reason they always speak of possibilities and are never determinative.



Every true message is universalistic, these is that it has a group character and is not personalistic, so that whoever reads it reads it, each person can extract from it a teaching according to their level of understanding.  There is no possibility of personalistic and secret messages, because by their very spiritual and transcendent nature they do not encourage distinctions.

The real messages do not need anyone to interpret them, they are always understandable in themselves.



True communications are timeless This means that a part of them or all of them in general is not exhausted in a single reading but that each time it is read it will give us more knowledge, thanks also to a broader awareness on our part.



All the messages complement each other, and never contradict each other, besides that they are not the mere repetition of things that are already known.  They always bring new contributions.



The messages are always constructive and not destructive.  They permanently maintain an edifying content, being applicable in the daily development which makes communication an inexhaustible source of practical advice, as well as transcendent guidelines that encompass the spiritual life of the being.  For this reason, it is inadmissible to find in the content of the messages, flattery, disparagement or attacks on anyone, or on groups or other lines of thought, since the message always maintains total respect and love.



Regardless of its origin, all communication is corroborable.  That is, it can be confirmed by tangible and concrete manifestations of the closeness of the entities that are contacted, whether they are Extraterrestrial, Intraterrestrial, Ascended Masters or Angels Guides.  Sometimes the corroborations are given through revelations that are fulfilled in a short time.

What is sought through confirmations is to verify that the contact exists, that beyond us there is a real and foreign source, of emission of the messages, and that these are not a game of our mind or of lower entities that could  be playing with us or leading us to error.

 The verification of the messages shows that there was contact, but not that the communication is well received.  To verify that the message is completely true, you will have to meet all the requirements mentioned above.  This is why the analysis of messages is so important.

We are aware that the Guides and all kinds of beings of light, even with the best good intention, could not and would not be willing to promote dependencies or lack of security from us, therefore, they are always willing to show themselves and give evidence of their presence,  and the origin of the messages.

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As we already said, real communication always brings new contributions, this being not only a summary of previous messages, but also communication is not alien to the context of the message, so it could not contradict everything that has been given and verified before. 

What new communications can and should contain is information that provides greater understanding or that improves or deepens even more our way of understanding what was previously given to us and that due to the non-existence of certain other concepts or the presence  of schemes in us, we could not encompass them as it should be.  

Once the communication has been received, either in a group or alone (if it happens that the message was received when there was no one nearby who could support its reception), it should be analyzed by who received it, correcting it, if it is  needed or by rewriting it cleanly in such a way that its final wording expresses exactly what the Guides wanted to convey, and its reading is easy and understandable.

 Communications must therefore always be understandable, easy to read, without having to count on the presence or hand of the recipient to explain them, which will facilitate their distribution and dissemination.  And if it were the case that for the communication to express the original meaning of the idea transmitted, some of the ideas presented should be developed, adding phrases by the receiver, this will be allowed.  Because all this contributes to your better understanding.  And if there is any idea or phrase that the person who received it does not understand or cannot interpret, he or she may omit it in the final wording because if such a concept is important to be known, the Guides will give it again through another reception, and through  another antenna.

Mentalism is always present in all communication, although due to experience and care, the margins of this are reduced, but they do not completely cancel or discard it.  And there are innocent and inconsequential mentalisms such as: messages with flowery greetings, or with farewells with the signature of this or that much more important entity, thereby seeking in an unconscious way, to elevate the category of the message.

And there are other mentalisms that are not innocent, and rather very dangerous, where the supposed channeled messages ask for actions that go against decency and moral values, or ask the antenna or the group for actions that put people's lives at risk.  So let's not confuse humility with the absence of common sense, logic and self-love.  No one is obliged to do anything that goes against their principles, or that violates their free will and common sense.  Furthermore, the entities of light always suggest, never order anything.

Let us also remember that communication is something important and serious that we should not play with, since the dividing line between enlightenment and madness, between reality and illusion is so subtle that it is like walking on the edge of the razor.


Therefore we have a commitment first with ourselves to be truthful and not deceive ourselves, then the spiritual responsibility not to confuse anyone.  Therefore, communications should not circulate freely without prior analysis.  Finally, we would like to remind you that when it comes to communication, it is useless for you to be sure of yourself but to inspire the same confidence in others, and vice versa, it would not be useful for others to believe in the messages you receive if you  does not believe them.  And trust in one or the others towards one is sustained by the example of life and the constant preparation that one maintains, which will be guaranteed with the support of the Elder Brothers.

The experience of the years will allow us to know the elements of all good communication.  Experience that will always depend on a preparation and maturity achieved through mistakes, humility and the will to continue.  


Like the taster of a good wine, the experience will increase our ability to perceive the infiltration of mentalisms, preconceptions and even prejudices that may appear in communication, because they are not always evident, and thus minimize the margins of error that  all reception contains.  But even so, nothing keeps us from making mistakes.


Let us not be afraid of failing or making mistakes, let us rather fear not doing or staying wrong for a long time ...


Written by Sixto Paz. RAMA founder.

Edited by: Agustín Rodríguez.

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