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Waves of volunteers. Are you one of them?

They count on us to help them remember!!

Excerpt from Dolores Cannon's book entitled "The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth".

Dolores Cannon: How did you get that opportunity (to incarnate on planet earth)?

E: I volunteered. I requested it.

D: Do they ask for volunteers?

I: Yes.

D: Whee are you when this happens?

E: I am on board a ship. My superior, my guide, said that (...) they need people to go.

D: And you want to go?

E: Yes. It looks like it will be a bit scary. Fear is not something I understand very well. (...)

D: Are there others on the ship who also want to go and volunteer?

I: Yes, yes. We want to make a difference. Our crew is going. Some will remain on the ship. And some of us will go. Those who stay on the ship will help those of us on the surface. They'll help us remember, because it's hard to remember when you're down there.

D: What happens to your body when you leave the ship?

E: I have to be like a person from Earth.

D: I meant the body you were in... Does it stay on the ship, does it die or what happens to it?

E: It's like a suit or a vehicle. It is functional. We change bodies many times.

D: You mean it's not really a solid body?

E: It's solid, but it's like it's made of synthetic material. It is also biological.

D: So when you leave that body, what happens to it?

E: Well, it's not dead. It's just a functional bio-suit.

D: Does it deteriorate when you leave it?

A: I think not. I'm not really sure. Perhaps others can use it for their tasks.

D: If you are going to go to Earth as a volunteer for this project, do they give you any instructions?

A: To Remember. We will have many challenges and many things that we will not understand... but we must remember how to be happy. Being happy is very important.

D: Do they think it will be easy for you to be happy once you are on Earth?

E: No. There is a lot of unhappiness down there. There are many sad beings and we don't want them to be like that. They tell me that the main thing is to be happy. This is a somewhat confusing concept for us, since right now we are not sure what it means.

D: So there is no work you have to do?

I: To be alive. Be aware of things.

D: You said there would be a lot of challenges.

E: Yes. Things we haven't faced before.

D: And you still want to go?

E: Well, it's very exciting. (Laughter) It's much more interesting than collecting soil samples. The people of Earth have forgotten certain things and are learning the wrong things. We want to help them so they don't destroy themselves. We have to help them remember.

D: When you go to Earth to do this work, will you enter a body?

E: Yes. I'm going to be a girl. (cheerful laughs)

D: Did you have a choice?

E: Yes. I think so, although it is a bit strange.

D: What's so strange about it?

E: I chose it because it is not the dominant sex on the planet. I wanted to see what it was like to be of the less favored sex. From here we can see that women have many problems. Men, too... but women can have babies. And they will help change things, since they are the ones that have the babies. They will be especially helpful in stopping war and destruction. If you are able to bring a life into the world, you clearly do not wish to destroy it.

D: But when you enter the body of the baby, do you remember why you came?

E: At first yes, but when I get here none of my crew is around me anymore. Or, if they are, I no longer remember. It's a very confusing thing.

D: I think you are very brave to decide to go and do it without anyone around to help you.

E: There is someone around to help us, but it's hard to... I don't know.

D: But then you don't have any of your people around, of your peers.

E: Well, we are embodied everywhere, the point is that we are in different bodies and zones. There are people up in the ships who can communicate with us. They can communicate with everyone, but not everyone listens.

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1 Comment

Tere de la Rubia
Tere de la Rubia
Oct 16, 2022

I just read the book 3 weeks ago ... coincidence? Yes, I miss my peers, as well as my planet, ship, or dimension ... I do not remember ... conclusion: I am fed up with planet Earth. un abrazo compañero

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